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The All-Around-Medicine Community

The purpose of this medical community is to create a possibility, where most of the needs of physicians, residents, medicals students, physician assistants, nurses, technologists and industry can be melted within one central medical network. It is based on a "taking and giving" principle, where you share your knowledge and others do the same.

Some features:

  • Share cases and your knowledge
  • Ask professionals for their opinion - in public or in private
  • Find people with similar interests, create new connections and expand your professional network
  • Discuss medical topics in dedicated forums - from residency to practice
  • Prepare for the USMLE / medical baords
  • Find tutorials and eLearning material
  • Share your images, videos, teaching files and lectures
  • Simplify your research and find partners worldwide
  • Create or join research and study groups
  • General and medical specific search engines
  • Read medical news from multiple subspecialties
  • Publishing case reports (cooperation with the JRCR)
  • Helpful tools for your daily work (calculators, case tracker, clinical, research tools, etc.)
  • ...and much more...
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(Source: Physica Medica: European Journal of Medical Physics)

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[Correspondence] Challenges for Colombian medical journals
Jun-Song Yang and Ding-Jun Hao reported in their Correspondence (Aug 30, p 743) that Chinese medical journals are encountering an unprecedented crisis related to a general upward tendency of Chinese papers to be published in leading international journals. We believe that this situation is not specific to China, but also concerns other countries, such as Colombia.
(Source: LANCET)

Preventable hospital admissions among the homeless in California: A retrospective analysis of care for ambulatory care sensitive conditions
Conclusions: Specific characteristics are associated with a greater likelihood of an ACSC admission. Research should examine how these characteristics contribute to ACSC hospitalizations and findings should be linked to programs designed to serve as a safety-net for homeless patients to reduce hospitalizations.
(Source: BMC Health Services Research)

[This Week in Medicine] October 25–31, 2014
On Oct 23, Public Health England launched a new national, evidence-based approach, Everybody Active, Every Day, to encourage people to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives. Sport England also announced National Lottery funding for programmes to increase the amount of exercise done in the UK.
(Source: LANCET)

[Editorial] National armies for global health?
October, 2014, has seen unprecedented deployment of both US and British military personnel to support the efforts in west Africa against the Ebola crisis. Up to 4000 US troops could be deployed in Liberia as part of Operation United Assistance. The British Army commenced Operation Gritrock with the departure of a medical team on Oct 16 to Sierra Leone. “This unit has been the Vanguard medical regiment for the past 20 months which means we are on high readiness to deploy at short notice to anywhere in the world”, said Lieutenant Colonel Alison McCourt from 22 Field Hospital in Aldershot.
(Source: LANCET)

[Articles] Effectiveness of maternal pertussis vaccination in England: an observational study
Our assessment of the programme of pertussis vaccination in pregnancy in England is consistent with high vaccine effectiveness. This effectiveness probably results from protection of infants by both passive antibodies and reduced maternal exposure, and will provide valuable information to international policy makers.
(Source: LANCET)

[Editorial] Health of the homeless
Having a home is a basic human need. However, in any one night in Europe and the USA alone, around 1 million people are classified as homeless. This week The Lancet publishes a new two-paper Series on homelessness and health, led by John Geddes, Seena Fazel, and colleagues. People become homeless through a complex interaction between individual and structural factors (eg, poverty, health, substance misuse, violence, and unemployment). Homelessness can be a long-term state or a temporary transitional period related to circumstances such as domestic violence.
(Source: LANCET)

Effect of a low dose whey/guar preload on glycemic control in people with type 2 diabetes-a randomised controlled trial
ObjectiveLarge preloads of protein and fat have been shown to lower glucose after a carbohydrate-rich meal in people with type 2 diabetes but add a considerable energy burden. Low calorie preloads [
(Source: BioMed Central)

[Editorial] Health inequities in the USA: closing the gaps
Increased morbidity and mortality in racial and ethnic minorities, people of low socioeconomic status, sexual minorities, and other marginalised groups, has been well documented in the USA. In 2012, the US National Institutes of Health alone spent more than US$2·7 billion on projects classified as health disparities research. Ironically, however, it seems that disparities exist in research aiming to eliminate health disparities. A new report by the American Academy of Medical Colleges and Academy Health—a non-profit organisation for health services and policy researchers—assessed the state of nation's health equity research and found substantial gaps.
(Source: LANCET)

[Correspondence] Alteplase for ischaemic stroke
Roger Shinton's Correspondence (Aug 23, p 659) called into question the evidence supporting the safe use of alteplase in patients with acute ischaemic stroke. Ian Hudson, of the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), responded to this Correspondence by convening an expert working group to review the benefits and risks of this drug. A review of reports of spontaneous adverse drug reactions (ADR) should inform this query, but a substantial level of under-reporting might restrict its use.
(Source: LANCET)

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