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The international medical community and professional network

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The All-Around-Medicine Community

The purpose of this medical community is to create a possibility, where most of the needs of physicians, residents, medicals students, physician assistants, nurses, technologists and industry can be melted within one central medical network. It is based on a "taking and giving" principle, where you share your knowledge and others do the same.

Some features:

  • Share cases and your knowledge
  • Ask professionals for their opinion - in public or in private
  • Find people with similar interests, create new connections and expand your professional network
  • Discuss medical topics in dedicated forums - from residency to practice
  • Prepare for the USMLE / medical baords
  • Find tutorials and eLearning material
  • Share your images, videos, teaching files and lectures
  • Simplify your research and find partners worldwide
  • Create or join research and study groups
  • General and medical specific search engines
  • Read medical news from multiple subspecialties
  • Publishing case reports (cooperation with the JRCR)
  • Helpful tools for your daily work (calculators, case tracker, clinical, research tools, etc.)
  • ...and much more...
The best: IT'S FREE!

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Latest Medical News

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Fragmented mitochondrial genomes are present in both major clades of the blood-sucking lice (suborder Anoplura): evidence from two Hoplopleura rodent lice (family Hoplopleuridae)
Conclusions: Our results indicate that fragmented mt genomes were present in the most recent common ancestor of the two major clades of the blood-sucking lice, which lived ~75 million years ago. Intra-genus variation in the pattern of mt genome fragmentation is common in the blood-sucking lice (suborder Anoplura) and genus-specific minichromosomes are potential synapomorphies. Future studies should expand into more species, genera and families of blood-sucking lice to explore further the phylogenetic utility of the novel features associated with fragmented mt genomes.
(Source: BioMed Central)

Viral miRNAs in plasma and urine divulge JC polyomavirus infection
Conclusion: These data indicate that analysis of circulating viral miRNAs divulge the presence of latent JCPyV infection allowing further stratification of seropositive individuals. Also, our data indicate higher infection rates than would be expected from serology alone.
(Source: BioMed Central)

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Prescription opioid misuse and its relation to injection drug use and hepatitis C virus infection: protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis
DiscussionA unique typology of drug use is emerging which is characterized by antecedent prescription opioid misuse among PWID. As the epidemic of prescription opioid misuse matures, this will likely serve as a persistent source of new PWID. Persons who report a recent transition to drug injection are characterized by high rates of HCV seroincidence of 40 per 100 person years or higher. Given the potential for the persistence and escalation of the consequences of prescription opioid misuse in the USA, there is a critical need for synthesis of the current state of the epidemic in order to inform future public health interventions and policy.Systematic review registration: PROSPERO CRD42014008870.
(Source: BioMed Central)

Yerba Mate (Illex Paraguariensis) ingestion augments fat oxidation and energy expenditure during exercise at various submaximal intensities
Conclusions: Acute YM ingestion augments the exercise dependent increase in FAO and EEFAO at submaximal exercise intensities without negatively affecting maximal exercise performance, suggesting a potential role for YM ingestion to increase the exercise effectiveness for weight loss and sports performance.
(Source: BioMed Central)

Serum angiopoietin is associated with lung function in patients with asthma: a retrospective cohort study
Conclusions: Our results indicate that the serum Ang-1 levels were higher in asthma patients compared with healthy subjects. As the Ang-1/Ang-2 ratio was related to lung function, the data suggest that serum angiopoietin is associated with lung function in patients with asthma.
(Source: BioMed Central)

Effects of Lactobacillus salivarius-containing tablets on caries risk factors: a randomized open-label clinical trial
Conclusion: L. salivarius-containing tablets were suggested to increase resistance to caries risk factors.Trial registration: UMIN000013160 (registration date: February 14, 2014).
(Source: BioMed Central)

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Loss of LKB1 disrupts breast epithelial cell polarity and promotes breast cancer metastasis and invasion
Conclusion: Our data indicated that low expression of LKB1 was significantly associated with established markers of unfavorable breast cancer prognosis, such as loss of ER/PR, E-cadherin and HMW-CK. Knockdown of endogenous LKB1 gave rise to dysregulation of cell polarity and invasive phenotype of breast cancer cells.
(Source: BioMed Central)

Analysis on associated factors of uncontrolled hypertension among elderly hypertensive patients in Southern China: a community-based, cross-sectional survey
Conclusions: Lack of adequate hypertension control is relatively high among the elderly in Southern China. Hypertension awareness and early treatment are needed in this population, especially among suburban population, as well as adopting appropriate antihypertensive medication therapy and healthy lifestyles.
(Source: BioMed Central)

The three-year incidence of major hemorrhage among older adults initiating chronic dialysis
Conclusions: Many older patients who initiate chronic dialysis will be hospitalized with hemorrhage and receive related procedures over the subsequent three years. Despite greater age and co-morbidity over the last decade this incidence has not changed.
(Source: BioMed Central)

ESC: More Ablation Not Better for Persistent Afib
BARCELONA (MedPage Today) -- Doing more radiofrequency ablation for atrial fibrillation beyond pulmonary vein isolation doesn't improve outcomes and takes longer, with more radiation exposure, researchers reported here.
(Source: MedPage Today Meeting Coverage)

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