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Welcome to Medoodle

The international medical community and professional network

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The All-Around-Medicine Community

The purpose of this medical community is to create a possibility, where most of the needs of physicians, residents, medicals students, physician assistants, nurses, technologists and industry can be melted within one central medical network. It is based on a "taking and giving" principle, where you share your knowledge and others do the same.

Some features:

  • Share cases and your knowledge
  • Ask professionals for their opinion - in public or in private
  • Find people with similar interests, create new connections and expand your professional network
  • Discuss medical topics in dedicated forums - from residency to practice
  • Prepare for the USMLE / medical baords
  • Find tutorials and eLearning material
  • Share your images, videos, teaching files and lectures
  • Simplify your research and find partners worldwide
  • Create or join research and study groups
  • General and medical specific search engines
  • Read medical news from multiple subspecialties
  • Publishing case reports (cooperation with the JRCR)
  • Helpful tools for your daily work (calculators, case tracker, clinical, research tools, etc.)
  • ...and much more...
The best: IT'S FREE!

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Relationship‐centred care: antidote, guidepost or blind alley? The epistemology of 21st century health care
Abstract Contemporary health care is increasing in complexity and lacks a unifying understanding of epistemology, methodology and goals. Lack of conceptual consistency in concepts such as ‘patient‐centred care’ (PCC) typifies system‐wide discordance. We contrast the fragmented descriptions of PCC and related tools to its own origins in the writings of Balint and to a subsequent construct, relationship‐centred care (RCC). We identify the explicit and elaborated connection between RCC and a defined epistemological foundation as a distinguishing feature of the construct and we demonstrate that this makes possible the recognition of alignments between RCC and independently developed constructs. Among these, we emphasize Schon's reflective practice, Nonaka's theory of organizational k...

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Executive Committee Meeting, July 14,2014
Participants: Ileana Balcu, Dave deBronkart, Carla Berg, Nick Dawson, Nancy Finn, John Grohol, Sarah Krug, Danny Sands, Josh Seidman Minutes Approved RWJF Final Report: The final report has been submitted to RWJF. Elections for the 2014-2015 Executive Committee: We need to start the process of seeking nominations for members-at-large. We also discussed several individuals who would be appropriate candidates for President-Elect.  Each of these individuals will be approached by a member of the board to determine their interest in the position. Development Nick will reconnect with our Director of Development to set funding goals. We will also request that our Board members get involved with the development effort. Newsletter Update There is a draft newsletter that is almost ready to go out....

Oncologic Mechanical Emergencies.
Authors: Khan UA, Shanholtz CB, McCurdy MT Abstract Prevalence of cancer and its various related complications continues to rise. Increasingly these life-threatening complications are initially managed in the emergency department, making a prompt and accurate diagnosis crucial to effectively institute the proper treatment and establish goals of care. The following oncologic emergencies are reviewed in this article: pericardial tamponade, superior vena cava syndrome, brain metastasis, malignant spinal cord compression, and hyperviscosity syndrome. PMID: 25060246 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
(Source: The Medical Clinics of North America)

Oncologic Metabolic Emergencies.
This article reviews the 2 most emergent oncologic metabolic diagnoses: tumor lysis syndrome and hypercalcemia of malignancy. A discussion on associated cancers and conditions, pathogenesis and pathophysiology, and management recommendations is included. PMID: 25060247 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
(Source: The Medical Clinics of North America)

Pediatric Oncologic Emergencies.
Authors: Prusakowski MK, Cannone D Abstract The overall prognosis for most pediatric cancers is good. Mortality for all childhood cancers combined is approximately half what it was in 1975, and the survival rates of many malignancies continue to improve. However, the incidence of childhood cancer is significant and the related emergencies that develop acutely carry significant morbidity and mortality. Emergency providers who can identify and manage oncologic emergencies can contribute significantly to an improved prognosis. Effective care of pediatric malignancies requires an age-appropriate approach to patients and compassionate understanding of family dynamics. PMID: 25060248 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
(Source: The Medical Clinics of North America)

Neutropenic Fever.
Authors: White L, Ybarra M Abstract Fever is a common presenting complaint among adult or pediatric patients in the emergency department setting. Although fever in healthy individuals does not necessarily indicate severe illness, fever in patients with neutropenia may herald a life-threatening infection. Therefore, prompt recognition of patients with neutropenic fever is imperative. Serious bacterial illness is a significant cause of morbidity and mortality for neutropenic patients. Neutropenic fever should trigger the initiation of a rapid work-up and the administration of empiric systemic antibiotic therapy to attenuate or avoid the progression along the spectrum of sepsis, severe sepsis, septic shock syndrome, and death. PMID: 25060249 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (So...

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Chemotherapeutic Medications and Their Emergent Complications.
This article reviews characteristic hypersensitivity reactions, typical organ system dysfunction, and treatment strategies for adult patients who present to the ED with complications after chemotherapy. PMID: 25060250 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
(Source: The Medical Clinics of North America)

Acute Leukemia.
Authors: Rose-Inman H, Kuehl D Abstract Although great progress has been made in the understanding and treatment of acute leukemia, this disease has not been conquered. For emergency providers (EPs), the presentation of these patients to an emergency department presents a host of challenges. A patient may present with a new diagnosis of leukemia or with complications of the disease process or associated chemotherapy. It is incumbent on EPs to be familiar with the manifestations of leukemia in its various stages and maintain some suspicion for this diagnosis, given the nebulous and insidious manner in which leukemia can present. PMID: 25060251 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
(Source: The Medical Clinics of North America)

Myeloproliferative Disorders.
Authors: Meier B, Burton JH Abstract The emergency providers generally encounters myeloproliferative disorders (MPNs) in 1 of 2 ways: as striking laboratory abnormalities of seeming unknown consequence, or in previously diagnosed patients presenting with complications. The course of patients with MPNs is highly variable, but major complications can arise. Emergent conditions related to hyperviscosity need to be recognized early and treated aggressively. Rapid hydration, transfusion, cytoreduction, and early hematology consultation can be lifesaving. Likewise, although management is not altered, a high index of suspicion for thrombotic complications is required in patients with known MPNs as these are a significant cause of morbidity and mortality. PMID: 25060252 [PubMed - as su...

Sickle Cell Disease in the Emergency Department.
Authors: Lovett PB, Sule HP, Lopez BL Abstract Acute painful episodes are the most common reason for emergency department visits among patients with sickle cell disease (SCD). Early and aggressive pain management is a priority. Emergency providers (EPs) must also diagnose other emergent diagnoses in patients with SCD and differentiate them from vaso-occlusive crisis. EPs should be aware of cognitive biases that may misdirect the diagnostic process. Administration of intravenous fluids should be used judiciously. Blood transfusion may be considered. Coordination of care with hematology is an important part of the effective emergency department and long-term management of patients with SCD. PMID: 25060254 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
(Source: The Medical Clinics of North A...

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