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The international medical community and professional network

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The All-Around-Medicine Community

The purpose of this medical community is to create a possibility, where most of the needs of physicians, residents, medicals students, physician assistants, nurses, technologists and industry can be melted within one central medical network. It is based on a "taking and giving" principle, where you share your knowledge and others do the same.

Some features:

  • Share cases and your knowledge
  • Ask professionals for their opinion - in public or in private
  • Find people with similar interests, create new connections and expand your professional network
  • Discuss medical topics in dedicated forums - from residency to practice
  • Prepare for the USMLE / medical baords
  • Find tutorials and eLearning material
  • Share your images, videos, teaching files and lectures
  • Simplify your research and find partners worldwide
  • Create or join research and study groups
  • General and medical specific search engines
  • Read medical news from multiple subspecialties
  • Publishing case reports (cooperation with the JRCR)
  • Helpful tools for your daily work (calculators, case tracker, clinical, research tools, etc.)
  • ...and much more...
The best: IT'S FREE!

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Surgical management of multilevel cervical spinal stenosis and spinal cord injury complicated by cervical spine fracture
Background: There are few reports regarding surgical management of multilevel cervical spinal stenosis with spinal cord injury. Our purpose is to evaluate the safety and feasibility of open-door expansive laminoplasty in combination with transpedicular screw fixation for the treatment of multilevel cervical spinal stenosis and spinal cord injury in the trauma population. Methods: This was a retrospective study of 21 patients who had multilevel cervical spinal stenosis and spinal cord injury with unstable fracture. An open-door expansive posterior laminoplasty combined with transpedicular screw fixation was performed under persistent intraoperative skull traction. Outcome measures included postoperative improvement in Japanese Orthopedic Association (JOA) score and incidence of complication...

Quantitative analysis of ruminal methanogenic microbial populations in beef cattle divergent in phenotypic residual feed intake (RFI) offered contrasting diets
Manipulation of diet can influence the abundance of total and specific methanogen species in beef cattle.
(Source: BioMed Central)

Feasibility and appropriateness of recommended sorghum production technologies
Several initiatives were taken by the Directorate of Sorghum Research and concerned organizations to disseminate promising sorghum technologies. However, many of them were not accepted by the farmers at desired level due to several reasons. Therefore, it was felt necessary to assess the feasibility and appropriateness of recommended technologies as perceived primarily by the research system and followed by the extension personnel. These steps were felt to be a forerunner to screen the recommended technologies for their dissemination. The documentation of the sorghum production technologies / practices for both rainy and post-rainy season was made. The perception of 50 researchers regarding the feasibility of these technologies elucidated that out of 21 documented technologies, six were hav...

Effects of temperature and salinity on metabolic rate of the Asiatic clam Corbicula fluminea (Muller, 1774)
The effects of temperature and salinity on the metabolism of the Asiatic clam Corbicula fluminea (mollusca, Lamellibranchia) were studied experimentally. Firstly, three indexes of basal metabolism (oxygen consumption rate, OCR; ammonia excretion rate, AER; and CO2 emission rate, CER), patterns of diurnal rhythm and O: N ratios were measured for three size ranges (large: h = 25.54 +/- 1.96 mm, medium: h = 22.07 +/- 1.33 mm and small: h = 17.70 +/- 1.43 mm) at two salinities (0.3[per mille sign] and 1.8[per mille sign]). The results showed that: (1) three indexes decreased with increasing body size. (2) no significant difference was found between two salinities for the O: N ratios of the small and large size, but a significant difference was found for the medium-sized one; (3) however, there...

Community pharmacy interventions for public health priorities: protocol for a systematic review of community pharmacy-delivered smoking, alcohol and weight management interventions
DiscussionThe review aims to summarise the evidence base on the effectiveness of community pharmacy interventions on health and health behaviours in relation to weight management, smoking cessation and alcohol misuse. It will also explore if, and how, socio-economic status, gender, ethnicity and age moderate the effect of the interventions and will describe how the interventions included in the review have been organised, implemented and delivered, since context is an important factor governing the success of public health interventions. The findings from this review will have an impact on the commissioning of public health services aiming to promote healthy weight, smoking cessation and prevent excessive alcohol consumption.Systematic review registration: The review has been registered wi...

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Impact of variance components on reliability of absolute quantification using digital PCR
Conclusions: Like any other technology, dPCR is subject to variation induced by natural perturbations, systematicsettings as well as user-dependent protocols. Corresponding uncertainty may be controlled with anadapted experimental design. Our findings point to modifiable key sources of uncertainty that forman important starting point for the development of guidelines on dPCR design and data analysis with correct precision bounds. Besides clever choices of sample dilution levels, experiment-specific tuningof machine settings can greatly improve results. Well-chosen data-driven fluorescence intensitythresholds in particular result in major improvements in target presence detection. We call on manufacturersto provide sufficiently detailed output data that allows users to maximize the potentia...

Simvastatin to modify neutrophil function in older patients with septic pneumonia (SNOOPI): study protocol for a randomised placebo-controlled trial
This study aims to recruit 60 patients admitted into Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham NHS-Foundation Trust.DiscussionThis study will investigate the ability of in vivo simvastatin therapy to modulate neutrophil anti-microbial functions in CAP-associated sepsis.Trial registration: EudraCT number: 2012-003343-29 (Trial Registered: 26 November 2012).
(Source: Trials)

Immunization coverage of 12-23 months old children and associated factors in Jigjiga District, Somali National Regional State, Ethiopia
Conclusions: The overall immunization coverage was found to be low. Hence, to increase the immunization coverage and reduce the incidences of missed opportunity, delivery in the health institution should be promoted, the outreach activities of the health institutions should be strengthened and greater utilization of health services by mothers should be encouraged.
(Source: BioMed Central)

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Children Face Highest Health Risk From Cell Phones


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Venous Access Devices


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Polymethylmethacrylate extrusion into the femoral nutrient vessel during arthroplasty
63 year old female with PMMA extrusion into the femoral nutrient vessel during arthroplasty. Axial noncontrast CT performed at the level of the distal femoral component demonstrating high density cement extruding from a nutrient foramen. This is a video from an article published in the Journal of Radiology Case Reports. (Title: Polymethylmethacrylate extrusion into the femoral nutrient vessel during arthroplasty: A phenomenon to be aware of) The full text article with interactive features can be accessed for free at: More...

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